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Professional designer – how to spot one?

It’s always challenging to find someone good to work for your company. It can be even more challenging to find an artist that suits your needs. Nowadays, designing tools and software are more than available. Everyone with some technical knowledge can use Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or similar software. Unfortunately, all that simplicity made people think the design is easy to master. Obviously, it’s not. Every company seeking a graphical designer will be overwhelmed with the countless applications. Finding a good professional designer is becoming more of a challenge. And, it’s becoming hard to distinguish good ones from the average ones. The experience isn’t the most important attribute to look for. Here are some more signs on how to spot a great graphical designer.

6 sure signs of a great professional designer

Try to read this heading fast three times in a row. 

A professional designer has a good portfolio

In these times, most designers have an online portfolio. It’s an easy way for companies to see your previous work. Also, graphical designers with more experience can prosper more. They can show the difference between their older and modern designs. This is important as it shows the designer’s ability to adapt. The current market trends are changing as we speak, and the ability to adapt is a must. Of course, companies can study your portfolio. By doing that, they can find out a lot about your style. That way, they can see if your designs are suitable for their needs. So, a portfolio filled with various ideas and solutions is a great sign.  

Professional communication – in all shapes of it

Every professional designer knows the importance of visual communication. A great design or a logo has the power to reach out to millions of customers. It is all about the inner message, not about the coolness of the logo. A good designer knows that. Nevertheless, a good designer always follows the latest trends in graphical design. That way, he is always ready to adapt.

Also, every great designer knows good manners. When addressing the client, the tone should always be professional and respectful. Good designers spend a lot of time communicating with the client before their job even starts. This part of the job process is the most vital one. Being able to understand the client’s needs and desires is the basis of every design. Misunderstanding can happen, but it’s better to happen at the start of a project, rather than at the end of it.

Professional designer is confident, but not overconfident

Every designer should know the value of his work. Also, a great professional designer is proud of his previous work. Moreover, he will always deliver his best. Nevertheless, overconfidence is considered bad, as it shows a lack of professionalism. Your designs should do the talk for you, not your ego. 

professional designers are a must-have option
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Ability to accept critics

Successful designers are not easily insulted. Even when someone points eventual flaws in their design. Instead of taking it personally,  they will use that as motivation. Every learning process is hard, and we all make mistakes. However, only true professionals learn from their mistakes

On the other hand, a good designer is ready to defend his work, if he was falsely accused. Some clients don’t know the difference between UX and UI but feel obligated to critic everything. Of course, pride is one thing, but injustice is another.


This should be a trait for every professional out there. A sharp eye for the details separates the good from the average designer. Every little detail matters for the bigger picture of the design. This is one of the things why companies hire designers. Usually, clients don’t have the eye for aesthetics. In that case, they need help from a professional.

Every professional designer is a perfectionist
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Reasonable fee

In business, money matters, for both sides. If you don’t want to make a design harakiri, you will hire a professional designer. However, the price is not always a measure of quality. A good designer will offer you a fair price. In short, the price for his time, experience, and a specific set of skills. A good designer will never outsource his job to a third party. Or worse, take a job he isn’t capable of finishing. But that all comes with a price, and the price should be fair. After all, we all work for money.


Lately, the graphic designing industry is in a weird state. More and more people attend classes to learn about design. Even a greater number of people learn online or are self-taught. However, great designers seem to be harder to found. Luckily, I obtained a contact form from a truly great guy. Trust me, he is the best. Talented, professional, communicative, and experienced. He even has the same name as me. Be sure to give him a call, or email him. 

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