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LinkedIn marketing tips and tricks to promote your brand

With more than 650 million active users(!), LinkedIn is a game-changer in marketing competition. Although perceived just as an online CV webpage at the start, LinkedIn has grown to a social media giant. That allows you to use LinkedIn for (shameless) promoting your brand or business. Whether you are a small-town company, digital nomad, or a trillion-dollar corporation, you will benefit from the everyday marketing solutions. The audience is there, and they mean business. So no funny cat gifs, edgy tweets, or cringy challenges, just capitalism at its finest. Through this article, I’ll share some of the finest tricks the professionals use in LinkedIn marketing. 

Why choose LinkedIn marketing?

First of all, it’s free, and we all like free stuff. Secondly, their paid options for advertising are also pretty great, to be honest. And the main reason is: targeting your audience. No other social network can come even close to LinkedIn’s analytics. For instance, here’s what they can do for you:

  • identify your posts that received the most responses (likes, shares, clicks, comments)
  • filter the response by date, time and type
  • acquire demographic data about your targeted audience
  • compare the growth trend of your followers against your competition or similar brands

Pretty great, huh? So here are a few things you need to do, to benefit from LinkedIn marketing.

LinkedIn headquarters, where the magic of marketing happens

Photo by Gabriel Varaljay on Unsplash

Create your LinkedIn company page

The journey of 100+ million followers starts with one step, and this step is easy if you just follow the instructions (and it’s free).

  1. Firstly, enter your company’s name and create your public URL.
  2. Upload your company’s logo. Make sure it’s professional, catchy, and unique. Don’t have a logo yet? I can make it happen.
  3. The next one is the About Us section, where you write the meta description. Include all the relevant information about your company or a brand, and follow the character limit. Of course, add all the relevant keywords for better SEO score.
  4. The next steps are just standard pieces of information about your company (year founded, location, company size, etc.).

If your company’s page is 100% completed, the first step is over and it wasn’t that hard. It took you a few minutes to present yourself to almost a billion people. You are ready to go further. 

Content sharing is caring – start now

You need to share content about your company and brand, to start getting noticed. If you share the content at least once every four weeks, you will gain up to 6x more followers. If you have more than 150 followers, your brand will have more than 5X more views. It’s a domino effect, and you need to start now. Besides original, SEO friendly content, your posts need to contain:

  • rich captions
  • images
  • #hashtags
  • questions
  • bullet points
  • live videos
  • team moments

Join a LinkedIn group… and create one

This is my favorite weapon of choice when it comes to LinkedIn marketing. LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 groups, and I advise you to use this opportunity. Join the groups related to your brand/company and be active in them. Groups are a great way to hear what customers think, build business relationships, and find new employees. Hot tip: after joining the groups and skimming the pieces of information needed, create your own group. Add only people who you find relevant for your business and keep the competition outside. After that, you will have a microverse dedicated to your brand.

Don’t oversell – it’s LinkedIn marketing, not an eBay

Many companies get tempted when they establish their appearance on LinkedIn and try to directly sell you their products or services. That is not the point of LinkedIn marketing and usually gives you the opposite results. Be subtle, grow your connections, boost your presence, and the people will come to you.

There are plenty of people acting like hard-sell 1980s sales reps on LinkedIn, so be wise and don’t become one of them.

Nikki Hammett, digital marketing manager, blur Group

Show off your employees

Every great brand and company should be proud of their employees, and also (cough, cough) it helps boost your LinkedIn marketing. Make sure all of your employees, or at least more relevant ones, have a LinkedIn profile. They should all have appropriate profile photos, work experience, professional connections, and a description of how they added value to your brand. Your employees are your greatest treasure and they can substantially improve your brand’s good reputation.

Maintain your LinkedIn marketing presence

You got your engines started, and the hardest part is over. Therefore, it’s just about maintaining your marketing campaign. Be sure to always update your company’s profile, add news and publish, publish, publish. Publish content at least once per week, and make it professional. This is a business network, not a TikTok dance challenge. Get in touch with your audience, ask them questions, engage conversation. And, this is a major stone in building your brand’s trust. 

Creating a LinkedIn presence then not maintaining it will be worse than not having one at all.

Carrie Booher, chief marketing officer, Online Optimism


Without a doubt, LinkedIn marketing is one of the most powerful tools to promote your brand. If you want to stay in touch with the business world, your brand’s presence there is a must. Use all the opportunity, that this great social media network offers, and of course, add me to your circle of trust. 

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