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DIY logo design – and why that’s a bad idea

The times are hard for everyone. Well, they have always been hard. Cutting the corners to save money is usually a great idea for every business. However, in certain aspects, it’s best not to do it. One of those aspects is the DIY logo design. You should leave designing to professionals, and I’ll tell you why. But first, let’s define the term “logo”. A logo is a design that identifies your business or a brand and visually represents it. The logo has three main purposes:

  • teaches the people the name of your brand/company
  • creates an everlasting visual image
  • sets the tone for the rest of your brand

A great logo will sky-rocket your business. A bad one can push it downhill. Still not convinced?

6 reasons against DIY logo design

DIY logo design are rarely permanent solutions

Although even the most recognizable logos go from change to change, their core remains unchanged. In the middle of the night, in the middle of the desert, you might ask the first man you encounter to draw you the logo of Nike/Apple/Facebook, and they would know it. The core of your logo should last as long as your brand lasts. The famous Adidas logo has four variations, but the core remains the same, three stripes. Can you accomplish that with your DIY logo design?

DIY logo design is rarely unique

DIY logo design and the usual problems
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As we see in this example, the uniqueness is sometimes hard to accomplish. During the many years the Coca Cola exists, almost every similar soda company tried to steal a bit of its design. Just one big company didn’t. You guessed it right, Pepsi. Uniqueness and originality have much more value than the design theft, whether it was accidental or not.

The logo represents your brand

You want to grow your brand and be recognizable. Your logo is the first thing a potential customer sees, and it must be great. As we learned, the first impression matters. You don’t want your logo to have an amateur finish. You might think that everyone can do that,  but the reality is much sadder. At last, your customers might lose faith in your brand. If you can’t get the logo design straight, why should they trust your brand with much more important issues?

The logo should be versatile

This is your logo, and it should be everywhere. Bear in mind it might end up on a coffee cup or mobile app, as well as on a huge billboard. The logo with too many details usually doesn’t look that good when you render it small. Don’t trust me? Graphic designers use a specific term for it, known as the “Piccolino test”. Piccolino is an Italian word for “small” or “tiny”. The trick is if you reduce your logo to a size of two inches, and it becomes unrecognizable, you have a problem. On the other hand, the DIY logo design that’s too simple cannot be transferred to a bigger space. Versatility is hard to accomplish, sometimes even for the professionals. Amateur designers don’t stand a chance. 

Your logo should look professional

As a business owner, you want to look professional. That cannot be accomplished by buying a $5 logo from the first link. Obviously, premade choices are available to anyone. Also, it can’t be done with a little playing in Canva. If you understand the importance of your brand, act like it. If you are aiming high in your business, your logo should be one of your crown jewels. Locum is a renowned company from Sweden, but her logo fail became legendary in the business world. And it was in 1991. Ask your self, do you want that kind of reputation?

The logo needs lots of work

As an amateur, you will be exposed to way too many choices. Although it might sound great, in reality, it isn’t. But that’s just the start. Welcome to the neverending sea of fonts, colors, vectors, and more things you don’t understand. In either case, you can’t just pick your favorite color and decide it’s done. When designing a logo, color theory is critical. Professionals know that different colors evoke different feelings in customers. Amateurs…well, they usually don’t. Also, the business owners get really attached to a specific idea, not realizing it might be bad. Designers simply have a better eye for the details. Also, they are usually not influenced by the private matters of the business.


In the long run, the DIY approach will always bring your business harm. Your brand and your customers deserve more. They deserve a professional, unique design, made by someone with real experience in the graphical design. Consider your logo as a flagship of your entire brand. All things considered, do yourself and your business a favor, and hire a professional to do it. 

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