By David Ugarkovic June 5, 2020 In Freelance, Money & Life

Digital nomad – how and why to become one?

Did you get bitten by a travel bug? Or maybe you are just too tired spending your working hours in a depressive cubicle surrounded by the same people? Do you yearn for warm sand beaches, fresh mountain tops, and exotic countries you don’t have time to visit?  Do you want more freedom in choosing who, when, and where do you work for? Therefore, now is the time to turn your life upside down. Check this article out, and I am going to teach you how to become a digital nomad.

Digital nomads – frequently asked questions

What is a digital nomad?

A digital nomad is a person whose job doesn’t depend on the location and uses technology to perform that job. Usually, digital nomads spend at least a few months of the year abroad, travel most of the time, and earn money while traveling. It’s a rather new form of employment, made possible by technological innovations. Even the third-world countries now have internet cafes, hotspots, and coworking spaces suitable for remote working.  

Who can become a digital nomad?

Most important, almost anyone, not regarding age, sex, or any other attributes. You just need to have a job that can be done completely digitally, with your laptop or a smartphone. For instance, here are the most common examples of job industries that offer you this fascinating option.

IT industry

Content industry

  • Editing and proofreading
  • Content writing (blogs, books, ghostwriting)
  • Translation
  • Transcription
  • Voiceover

Digital marketing

  • SEO manager
  • Social media manager
  • Vlog/video manager

And many others…

  • Blogger
  • Accountant
  • Sales agent
  • Travel agent

These are just a few of many ideas, but you get the picture. Any job that doesn’t require you to be there, and can be done by the use of technology, is ideal for digital nomad life.

What is required to become a digital nomad?

  1. Online business or an online job – it kinda doesn’t need explanations. It’s very hard to be an online taxi-driver or an online dog walker
  2. Steady income, at least for the start – you don’t want to get stuck on the Mongolian mountains or Brasilian favelas without a dime. Consider that you need a stable amount of money for traveling, accommodation, visas, and all the other things that come with the nomad life. Prepare yourself for the possibility of a few jobless months.
  3. Decent preparation – do your own homework and research places and countries suitable for the life of the digital nomad. Take cheaper but rather secure countries with decent technology levels into consideration. Certainly, the most obvious choices are Eastern Europe, the Far East of Asia, Southern America, and some parts of Africa. Remember, your goal is to earn high, spend low. Not to become next Mr. Scrooge, but simply spend your income where it’s worth more. $10 will get you a Starbucks coffee in New York, or a fresh lobster and cocktail in Cuba. The choice is yours. 
  4. Test drive – wait just a minute. This is a huge step in your life, and don’t rush it. So take a test drive, and for your next vacation, try to mimic the life of a digital nomad. Take your backpack, passport, and your gadgets, and spend a month somewhere. If the experience was positive, congratulations. If not, no big deal, just continue with your usual life.
  5. What to bring – and what not to. Remember, you need to pack light and travel quickly, so no gaming consoles in your luggage. Besides your laptop, all that you need is a backpack, smartphone, credit card(s), essential medical supplies, and your travel documents.  
digital nomad working outside
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It’s all a matter of perspective…

Don’t get me wrong, the life of a digital nomad is attractive, but it’s far from perfect. Before making a decision, here is a funny list of different perspectives on that kind of life/work schedule. 

  • Yay, working from any place in the world I desire!
  • However, you are technically homeless
  • I can live wherever I want!
  • Welcome to the world of visas, different timezones, taxes, and working permits
  • Unlimited possibilities to earn!
  • On the other hand, limitless possibilities to lose all your money and get stuck in the third-world country
  • Yay, cheap daily expenses!
  • But, large traveling expenses
  • Make new friends!
  • Meanwhile, less time for family and old friends
  • The people around the world are friendly and eager to help a digital nomad!
  • Bear in mind that your Macbook could feed a Vietnamese family for at least a year, and people easily get tempted


In other words, nothing is just black or white, and be ready to make some sacrifices along the way. But if you take that giant leap, don’ turn back. Get ready to live life in the way most people can only dream of. Last, but not the least: don’t trust the Instagram photos. Who in his right mind would work from the beach or the pool with a laptop? Imagine the damage from the salt, sun, or a spilled cocktail. If you do decide to become a digital nomad, don’t be a stranger, though. Send us a few pictures from some location that is warmer and more exotic than the current one. 

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