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Digital Marketing – Top 5 reasons you should start using it for your business

Did you know that the average internet user spends almost 7 hours per day online? Mobile devices, along with computers, have, without a doubt, changed our lifestyle. In the future, people will spend most of their awake time being online. As scary as it may seem, because of that, the boom of Digital Marketing has been allowed. More than half of people on Earth have access to decent internet, and that number is increasing as we speak. The simplest, quickest, and best way to reach out to that mass of potential customers is through the tools of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is happening now

Digital marketing is a way of building, sustaining, and expanding your online reputation. The future is now, and everyone is online. My blog is also part of digital marketing, simply a way to reach out to customers. To grow, your business needs to be present online, on all the relevant platforms. These platforms will serve you more than you could imagine. You can promote your products/services on social network channels, or hire influencers to do it for you. Social networks and webpages are also a great way to see unbiased reviews of your products/services, coming from end-users. Here are some more reasons why you should jump into the digital marketing train.

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

Tom Fishburne, Founder of Marketoonist

Easy return of your investment (ROI) with digital marketing

Old-fashioned types of marketing can cost you an arm and a leg while being limited by time/space. Imagine the amount (and the cost) of the billboards you would have to put on one small part of your city/country to ensure the visibility of your ad. However, with simple email marketing, your ROI can rise all the way to x44. The decent web hosting plus the domain will cost you $5-10 per month. That’s the price of one coffee. For example, with a social media ad campaign, you can reach numerous customers, already profiled and ready to learn more about your product or service, for a few pennies.  Beats the newspaper ads every time.

Digital marketing brings balance between your business and the large competitors

With the standard way of advertising, there is no way to beat the large companies in the marketing game. Their marketing budget can be ridiculously high, more than a yearly budget of small or medium companies. But digital marketing is a game-changer in more than one way. In fact, using a well-played SEO campaign, your webpage will rise in Google search results based on the relevancy of the content, and that can’t be bought by any amount of money.  By balancing the keywords, along with the relevant webpage content, you can easily beat the big players in their own game, and no other form of advertising can offer you that.

Targeting your ideal audience

This is one of the most important reasons for using Digital Marketing. Let’s say your business is about gaming equipment (gamepads, keyboards, gamer chairs, etc.). Pick a customer’s age perimeter, roughly 15 – 30-year-olds, advertise yourself on some gaming/streaming platforms, and for example organize a giveaway out of a few of your products. Voila! And you can do that with every product or service. With a negligible amount of money spent, you can reach all of your targeted audience. Simple, cost-effective, and quick, digital marketing is the future.

Keeping up with your competition

The competition never sleeps. Using digital marketing, besides many other advantages, shows your company’s strength and responsiveness to trends.  Just look at it from the customer’s view. If you have two companies to choose from, given that they provide a similar product or a service, which one would you choose? The one with the visible Linkedin profile, transparent Facebook page, and up-to-date Youtube/Instagram/Pinterest channel, or the anonymous one? I believe we all know the answer. As a result, every moment you spend neglecting the influence of digital marketing, your competitors are earning an income that should have been yours.

Reaching your customers where they spend their time

Digital Marketing overview

You can’t sell ice to Eskimos, but you can sell it to Australians. Admit it, what other types of marketing would allow you to reach 4.57 billion users from around the world, almost seven hours per day. And every year, the global web has 301 million new users. Therefore, that’s almost a million new users every day including your clients, eager to buy your products and services, and you need to show them what your business is capable of. Building your reputable online presence has undoubtedly never been more important.

Easy ways to get included in digital marketing

Start your own website

Firstly, create a small, user-friendly website that promotes your company. Don’t intimidate your customers with pushy content, rather give them a chance to know your company well. You don’t need an expensive solution, just a webpage with a great visual interface and an original content along with some photos of your business.

Just shoot it!

Video marketing is a great, cost-effective way to get close to your customers. Adding relevant video content to your webpage or an Instagram/Youtube channel can get you more customers you ever imagined. Combine it with SEO content, promote it with some ads, and you will harvest the fruits of digital marketing in a much more effective way.

Email marketing

Digital marketing - Email

This is essential for your business if you already have a sturdy base of your regular customers. You can always inform them about your new product, rebranding or simply offer them a loyalty discount. Every customer wants and deserves attention. Of course, be careful not to spam your customers with junk mail, as you can get the opposite effect.

Social networks

Last but not least, social networks are one of the greatest tools of digital marketing, and best of all – they are free to use! Opening an account on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or TikTok is easy and doesn’t take more than minutes. Your job is to fill your profile with relevant information about your business, and you can always add a personal touch to your online presence. Starting a social media ad campaign is also a low-cost way to present your business to numerous clients.

“Content is fire; social media is gasoline.”

Jay Baer, Bestselling Author, Marketing Expert and Founder of Convince & Convert


And there you have it, a complete review of the benefits of implementing digital marketing in your business. The best of all, there are completely no downsides. Start today, build your online presence, and make your business grow. Need help? Contact me and I am sure we will come to an agreement.

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